Our History

Thirteen years ago, in the community of El Zonte, the project called ‘Filling the Tank of Love for the Boys and Girls of El Zonte’ was born. This project was created by Jorge Valenzuela and his wife Cristina Guillen under the mentorship of Michael Peterson and his wife Britney Peterson. Michael and Britney shared their life philosophy with Jorge and Cristina. They wholeheartedly dedicated themselves to the El Zonte community, taking on the responsibility of supporting the youth by providing them with an alternative and hope for a better future…


Upon realizing how positive it was for their community to provide QUALITY TIME to the girls and boys, they decided to devote all their efforts to this project. The impact was such that gradually, new individuals with the same spirit of helping began to join, such as Hirvin Palma, a very valuable man who drove educational activities and is now one of the most important pillars. We cannot forget to mention his wife, Natalia Reyes, someone who wholeheartedly committed to the project. A few years later, Román Martínez joined the project, and with his charisma, he drove recreational activities.

And so it was, step by step, that Hope House was born—the first youth association in El Zonte with the primary objective of empowering the community through the training of leaders

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