Education and technology

Education and technology change societies and are beginning to change ours and one of our objectives is to educate our community through technology so that they can have new development opportunities, and create an educated and broad-minded community.


Inglés para todos

The development of communities brings continuous challenges and the updating and training of its active members is mandatory and necessary to be able to provide services and products in a globalized manner, for this reason communication plays a very important role. For this reason we focus on teaching the English language for boys, girls and young people.

More than 300 students now speak English and have a brighter future, not only for themselves but also for their families, thanks to this program.


Informática para todos

Our community is developing and needs professionals in different areas but we are aware that technology is a highly in-demand field, for this reason we offer computer classes where we teach Excel, Word, Power Point, use of Google tools and soon we will venture into new technologies.

We teach computer classes (office, cloud computing and programming). Classes are divided into groups by age, specialties and levels of knowledge. The teachers of these groups invest more than 80 hours of love and knowledge per month. Informática para Todos has given the community of El Zonte important skills to unleash their potential


Transporte Escolar

Helping reduce the economic burden of parents in the community of El Zonte so that the economic factor is not an impediment for young people not to abandon school is very important for us for this reason we provide this transportation aid.

The communities benefiting from this school transportation project are: Julupe, Taquillo, and El Zonte. Hope House helps transport 50 students from Monday to Friday from their houses to school and back. With this, we have been able to reduce school dropouts by over 40%


Becas  universitarias

When we started Hope House, very few young people had the dream of going to university due to a lack of prospects. Now, an increasing number of young individuals envision pursuing a university education. This is why Hope House, with its university scholarship project, seeks to reduce the economic impact on families that support their sons and daughters in attending university. This is achieved through a monetary incentive that helps cover all university expenses.

Today, Hope House supports 4 talented young individuals with university scholarships. In total, 10 university scholarships have been awarded over the last 5 years.


Lectura para niños y niñas

Reading and fun in this project go hand in hand and we want boys and girls to learn to read in a fun way and obtain life skills, this is how Mao (Hope House Volunteer) starts this project that is also supported by members of the Hope House team.

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