Enjoying the fun moments in life is essential for the psychosocial and physical development of our leaders, which is why we promote in parallel recreational activities that provide emotional and physical development to all members.


El recreo

One of the most fun parts for everyone at Hope House.
Learning by playing is the best way to develop. This project started approximately 5 months ago. Every Saturday is full of new things to learn and new games to play. An average of 40 little ones attend, between 3 and 7 years old.

To serve each girl and boy, different resources are used for the different activites. For example: Materials for cooking, english classes, spiritual classes and other recreational activites.

Furthermore, every Saturday, the children are assisted by instructors and volunteers who ensure that each little one takes away a little seed of faith and love sown in their hearts.

Each child leaves with a happy face, a full belly, a new word in English, and a heart grateful to God.

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